Thursday, October 20, 2005

Serenity Now

Well, Jennifer and I went out to a movie tonight. We did see Serenity, so as promised, here is my review.

Disclaimer: I am a sci-fi lover. If it is entertaining, regardless of plot holes, bad dialog, etc, I will probably like it. If you cannot look past such things, you probably won't like the same movies as I do.

That said, this movie was great. For anyone who watched the show Firefly, this movie picks up where the show left off. Same actors/actresses and all. I haven't seen the whole series, but it started out with some back story that filled in some blanks for me. There was an excellent mix of humor and action. And, as typical with the show, it held mostly true to a sci-fi western. Fancy space ships, with what look like old fashioned handguns. An odd blend, but it makes for an excellent setting. To top it off, there were some exceptional one liners.

So, if you like a good exciting and entertaining sci-fi movie, I would highly recommend Serenity. If you don't like a good exciting and entertaining movie, what the hell is wrong with you?

Okay, I have another quick review for you. No, it's not a movie, although I watched The Last Samurai the other day and thought it was a pretty damn good movie. After seeing Serenity, Jen and I went to Pizza Hut to take advantage of that buy a large specialty pizza and get a medium pan for a quarter. I decided to a large stuffed crust BBQ Chicken pizza. While I was expecting a good pizza, I wasn't expecting one this good. They have BBQ chicken and onions on the pizza, and they replace the pizza sauce with some sort of BBQ sauce. Jen turned her nose up at it, but that just means more for me. Anyway, if you like to try something different on your pizza, I would highly recommend trying the BBQ chicken pizza. It's Grrrreeeaaat!

Okay, I'll leave you with a link from the Adam files. As he put it, this is someone with too much time on their hands. Very cool in an odd, dorky sort of way. Later.

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