Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's been a week. So what?

Yeah, I know. It's been a few days. Sorry. I've been busy.

Sorry, but I'm going to vent a bit here. I am so sick of the stupid, ignorant, incompotent people that are allowed to have drivers licenses. I drive about 40 minutes, each way, to work every day. Everyday, at least a half a dozen times, some dumbass bastard does something stupid around me. They cut you off. They speed up when you try to pass and slow down after the passing lanes. They don't signal. Oh, I almost forgot the jackass semi trucks that are passing people on a two lane highway when there is oncoming traffic. Specifically, me. Yeah, I've fought the road rage bug. I still get mad but usually I just call them names and such. Thanks Jen. :-)

Okay. That's out of the way. So, last night was lost. That show rocks. I also hate it. Basically, each episode brings up more and more questions about what is going on without actually answering anything. When they do manage to answer something, it usually just creates ten more questions. But, I guess that's why I keep watching it every week. Really, I do like that show.

CSI is on now. Dead lady at the bottom of the stairs. Husband all covered in blood. Yeah, he did it. Probably cheating on his wife and wanted to be with the other one, i.e. Scott Peterson. Now they are saying they sleep in separate bedrooms. Guilty as hell. I'm probably completely wrong, but who really cares.

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I'm taking guitar lessons. My wife signed me up for them for my B-day this year. I've been wanting to learn to play for years. A couple of years ago, I bought myself a sweet Fender Strat. I'm gonna get good and rock the hell out. Hell yeah! Yeah, pretty soon Metallica or System of a Down will be calling and asking me to replace their lead guitar player. Oh, and then I woke up. I enjoy it anyway. Maybe I'll find someone to jam with one of these days.

I'm also taking a C# programming course online through UCLA. The credits should be transferrable to the local college where I am actually going (some years) for my Associates. Yesterday was the first official day of class, but we don't have our books yet so I'm still kind of waiting. I may be upgrading my home PC to Win XP this weekend so I can work on it at home. Three other guys at work are taking the same class, so I'm thinking it should be fun.

I'll leave you with this link. Tourettes Guy. I'm pretty sure he doesn't actually have tourettes, but what do I know. Some of it is pretty damn funny. BOB SAGET!!! (You'll understand after you watch some.)


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