Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wrath of the Lich King

Well, I finally talked my wife into letting me get the new expansion for World of Warcraft. I installed it last night after we got back from Traverse City at around 11pm. Once installed and upgraded, I waited in a queue of about 700 to log in. Took about a half hour. Then I played for around 3 hours. So far, a lot of fun!

The server that I play on is Burning Blade. We had our first player to reach level 80 last night. Players name was Veloxis. He is a Night Elf Druid. He hit level 80 at around Midnight, Eastern time. He claims it took him about 46 straight hours of playing. So pretty much the second he got the game, he started playing and didn't sleep until he hit 80 yesterday (this morning). There were a lot of upset people. I don' t really get that. I probably won't be in the first 100,000 to reach 80, LOL. Anyway, congratz to Veloxis!

He wasn't the first to reach 80 worldwide. It was someone in Europe I believe (that's what I heard). Not sure what their name was. Really, I just want to hit 80 on one of my characters before my game time expires in two months. I'm about halfway through level 70 (between 70 and 71). I should be able to reach 71 tonight. I might try to snag a group, maybe even some Ðwntrddn, for one of the new instances after that. I want to get my fingers into everything! I do plan to take my time and enjoy it, unlike some others....Veloxis

The new continent is really cool. Blizzard improved the graphics of the game. Nothing photo-realistic or anything, just a step up. It's nice. I'm playing in the Borean Tundra right now. A nicely varied zone, but picturesque in places. I haven't explored all of it yet, but a pretty good chunk so far. Seems like more thought was put into the quests in this expansion. Yes, there are still the "go kill 20 of these things", but they mix them up a bit too. There were a couple I did that involved baiting traps, and releasing baby mammoths from traps. Still a go do something so many times, but it's nice to collect and release instead of just killing.

So far, the tentative truce between the horde and alliance seems to be holding. I only ran into one group of horde who were ganking everything in sight. Otherwise, everyone was pretty much leaving everyone else alone to quest. That's another thing, the area isn't nearly as congested with players as Hellfire Peninsula was when The Burning Crusade came out. I think the new Death Knight class is helping with that. A lot of people are starting a DK, which starts at 50 in a new zone in the Eastern Kingdoms. Probably cutting the number of people in Northrend by at least a quarter. I can't say if it was intentional, but good job Blizzard! I may also play around with a DK tonight as well. Lots of new things to try, and not enough time to try them!

Well, hope to see you in Northrend. Hopefully I don't pwn you!

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