Monday, January 05, 2009

Daughters First Movie

Yes, she has watched movies before. But this past Saturday, I took my daughter to her first movie at a movie theater. Here in Traverse City, we have a theater downtown called "The State Theatre." It's a beautiful place that first opened in 1916. It closed for a while, but then Michael Moore started the Traverse City Film Festival and worked to get The State reopened after a number of years of it being closed.

Every Saturday morning, they have a kids matinee. They play some kids/family movie, and the best part is that they only charge 25 cents. That's what they charged for tickets in 1916. So the two of us saw a movie for 50 cents total! Sweet! We saw "Finding Nemo" and Kaitlin had a great time. She spent the rest of the day asking when we could go again. She seemed a bit overwhelmed when we first got there. Huge theater, lots of people, loud. She came around after a few minutes, and she was laughing right along with everyone in no time.

This place is plush. Nice huge foam seats that actually recline a bit. Lots of leg room. The building is beautifully restored in a very classic style. Before the movie, the screen is covered in a huge velvet curtain that goes up at showtime.

I think this place is one of the best things to happen to downtown TC in a long time. The first time I went there was on a team outing at work. We saw a mock documentary called "Kenny" about a guy who was in the porta-pottie rental business. Absolutely hilarious. Then Jen and I went to see "The Dark Knight" a few months later. Holy crap that was awesome. Comfy seats, huge screen and uber loud! Glorious.

Tickets for regular movies are about the same as a regular theater (pretty good considering how nice everything), and the pop and popcorn are considerably cheaper than a regular theater. I see many future trips there for me and the family.

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Debbie said...

Wow, I didn't know they had opened the theatre for more than the summer film fest. Maybe something good will be playing when we are home for Courtney's wedding and we go out for "date night" there.