Monday, October 13, 2008

Turtle! Turtle!

So I'm at work today, and I get an email from my wife saying that her mom found a baby turtle in front of our porch. Not really surprising since we live about 100 yards from a river. I remember seeing turtles all the time when I was growing up here.

It's a tiny little snapper turtle. She has it in a small tote in our kitchen right now. Her and our daughter were going to take it back to the river tonight, but it got dark before we finished with dinner. (Sucks, seems like just yesterday it was light until 10 O'clock at night!) Anyway, they will have to take it back tomorrow and set it free.

I told her, my wife, that she couldn't keep it. She's a sucker for pets, and would own a zoo if I let her! Hey, I have to draw the line somewhere! We already have a dog, two cats, two newts and two kids. She used to have two birds, a prairie dog, and two frogs as well. Not to mention the other two cats that ran away after we moved. See what I mean?

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J said...

I didn't say I was releasing the! You and Kaitlin can do it when you get home. We will end up keeping it, if you wait for me to release!!