Monday, February 09, 2009

Says it all

Can't argue with this!

To make my stance clear, I have absolutely no problem with Michael Phelps smoking pot. I could honestly care less. I think it should be legalized, not because I want to use it, or ever have. I just think we spend a lot of money on law enforcement and prisons to house people arrested for possessing or using this drug. A drug that is not as unhealthy as cigarettes, and doesn't impair you as much as alcohol. Seems kind of dumb to me.

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Ric said...


Prediction: no matter what he says or what he does or how much money he donates to anti-drug causes, Phelps will be destroyed. Because there is nothing worse for the deservedly fragile egos in the MSM and on the nations TV and radio talk shows espeically, than to have the fact of their insignificance rubbed in their face by someone who is truly great.

I won't be surprised if some moral defective tries to have his medals taken away.

As you say, the whole thing is ridiculous on its face. But nothing is going to change because legalizing pot would take away too many people's rice bowls, starting with the prison guard unions.