Friday, December 12, 2008

Scotty, beam us Detroit!

What am I talking about? Well, I ran across an article today that made me very excited! I was very bummed about "Star Trek: The Experience," located in Las Vegas, closing. However, I didn't know that there was an exhibit, "Star Trek: The Exhibition", making it's way around the country. In February, February 14th to be exact, it's coming to Detroit, Michigan! I live in Michigan! I'm only about four hours from Detroit! I could actually go! Woot!

From the article:

"The 9,000-square-foot exhibit features re-creations of the bridge of the famed Starship Enterprise, Capt. Jean-Luc Picard's quarters, the command chair and the transporter room.

It includes two flight simulators, a model of the USS Enterprise used for shooting starship scenes and a collection of authentic props and uniforms used throughout the five "Star Trek" TV series, a cartoon show and 10 feature films."

That is freaking awesome! It's not just a short week long thing either. It runs from Feb. 14th to Sept. 7th. Almost 8 months! I imaging that I'd have to be able to work it in somewhere. Maybe a birthday present or something (hint hint.) To be able to walk the sets, touch panels, and (hopefully) sit in the captains chair would be so exciting. And to see props and other items that were actually used in production of the shows and movies. Epic. It's like a piece of history coming to my backwater state!

I'll be sure to remember this and make plans to go down and see it next summer. If the wife doesn't want to go, I'm sure I could find someone to go. I have Trekker friends. Hell, my daughter would probably enjoy it. And if I can't find anyone who wants to go? Screw it, I'll go myself. Oh yeah!

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