Sunday, November 20, 2005

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I've posted. It just seems like it has been so busy lately. I've either had something going on, or I just didn't feel like posting. I've been practicing my guitar quite a bit. I had been slacking during the week leading up to the Iceman, so I've kind of been working a bit harder this past week or two. I've also been slacking in my running, which I hope to crack down on and get back into.

Lets see, what's been happening lately. Oh, Sony's anti piracy protection software fiasco. What a colossal screw up. Okay, lets put software to keep people from using/making copies of the music that they legally own. That and the fact that they gave the instructions on how to get around their own software. And last but not least, the fact that it opened peoples computers up to hackers. So, they spent all this money developing and including software on their music discs, that a) didn't work because they gave out the workaround, and b) opened all the users computers up to hackers. Wow, thanks for that great bit of protection Sony. Jackasses.

Here's something that's bothered me for a long time, but has really been getting on my nerves lately. All the TV shows that have previews that start, "Ripped from the Headlines!" What the hell? You can't come up with any good ideas on your own so you just take the worst things that happen to people in real live and make a show out of it? I think it goes along with the fact that Hollywood in general hasn't had many good ideas in quite a while. Now it's spreading to TV. Great, I read on the internet and see on the news all day how some really bad thing happened to some happy family or innocent kid. Now I have watch it on every primetime show on TV. And it's supposed to be entertaining no less. What a load of crap! "Hey Mom! Can I watch the show where the little kid gets molested and then murdered? Please!" Sounds like fun. Oh wait, I'd rather watch The Bachelor. Yay...

Hey! I stopped by my parents house tonight, and ordered my RAM. 512 MB of PC133 at CAS 2. It'll be here in 3 to 7 days. So basically in about two figuring in the holiday. Damn. Well, whenever it gets here, I'll finally be able to play Civ IV which my brother got me for Christmas last year and this year. I've had it for weeks but can't play because I don't have enough RAM. Problem solved!

Again, I had a bunch of cool links, but I can't seem to remember them at the moment. I suck. Anyway, here is the one I had the foresight to email to myself at home. This one is for all you conspiracy theorists. I know your wearing your tin foil hats right now so you may want to read carefully. That should get you thinking. And get the government reading your thoughts! Hopefully I'll feel like posting more. Turkey day is coming up, and that's about all I'm looking forward to at the moment. Here's to eating way too damn much food and then watching football! Mmmmm, Pecan Pie. Later.

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